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PLCSlib is intended to support the work of the OASIS PLCS Technical Committee (TC). Work by the TC is given in the OASIS Context. PLCSlib is open to allow other organizations to define their own context and add DEXs. In doing so, it is hoped that such organizations will build on the material already provided (either here or in the initial version of PLCSlib).

This version of PLCSlib was designed and implemented in late 2010 by Eurostep Limited. It will be made opensource and is deliberately not copyrighted. However, it contains material related to contexts and to organizations that may choose to copyright their work.

This edition of PLCSlib has drawn extensively from the content of the first edition, both for code and content.

The initial development of this edition of PLCSlib was funded by NDLO as part of a contract with DNV. Eurostep Limited were subcontracted by DNV.

Eurostep Limited have subsequently developed PLCSlib further.

Related work was also supported by:

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